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Watercolor Painting

Old Saguaro

Original watercolor of saguaro in desert landscape 10" x 8"

Old Saguaro, Watercolor painting on 140 lb paper - 10" x 8"

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Saguaros are endless in their arm configuration.  The bandit hostage view (you know, two arms up in the air), is probably the most common one, but so are one armed, three-armed and four-armed. Nature offers a lot of choice even in cactus. Sometimes they wrap their arms around each other like lovers.  Sometimes they grow close but turn their arms away from each other.  Soldiers guarding one another's backs?  Quarreling lovers forever? Siblings in a snit?  I've painted all of these scenes but one of the most popular saguaros I've painted is this one.  (shrug)  Who knows why? Out of all of them, why THIS one?  If I knew that I would have the secret to a lot of things wouldn't I?

This original painting is not currently matted or framed. 

Monitor settings may make a difference in the colors and values you see.  I've adjusted these photos to look as close to the originals as possible, but I cannot see what is on your monitor.  There is more information on my FAQ page about monitor settings.

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The mat will be 20 inches high by 16 inches wide.  Add 1/4 inch for the frame width.

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